Who Helps Beowulf Against The Dragon

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Who Helps Beowulf Against The Dragon?


Who helps Beowulf defeat the dragon?

Wiglaf helps Beowulf slay the dragon. During the battle with the dragon all of Beowulf’s men except for Wiglaf run away. Wiglaf sees that Beowulf is being overcome by the dragon and though Beowulf had stabbed at the dragon with his ancestral sword Nagling the sword had broken.

Who stands with Beowulf against the dragon?


Character Analysis Wiglaf. The one retainer who comes to Beowulf’s aid in the battle against the dragon represents the theme of loyalty in the system of the comitatus.

Who came to help Beowulf as the dragon charged him?

He was called Wiglaf son of Weohstan A valued shied-warrior and man of the Scylfings A kinsman of Aelfhere. The poet is introducing the last hero of the poem the young warrior who is the only one of Beowulf’s men to come to his lord’s aid against the dragon.

How does Beowulf plan to fight the dragon?

How does Beowulf plan to fight the dragon? With armor shield and sword. According to Wiglaf What is Beowulfs relationship with his followers like? Beowulf and his followers are bound together by his generous gifts and their oaths.

Why does Beowulf decide to fight the dragon?

Beowulf fights the dragon because as king he feels that it is his responsibility to protect his people. Although he doesn’t need to take on the dragon himself he does so out of a sense of duty. Beowulf is also motivated by a desire for glory.

Why does Wiglaf fight the dragon along with Beowulf *?

Why does Wiglaf fight the dragon along with Beowulf? He didn’t want Beowulf to get all of the glory. … He respected Beowulf and knew his king needed help. He had a magical sword that could pierce dragon scales.

Who is Beowulf’s final opponent?

Wiglaf stabs at the dragon and burns his hand. Finally Beowulf manages to pull out a dagger and slices the dragon in two. The dragon has been defeated and the last battle is finished.Jan 8 2017

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Who guides Beowulf to the dragon’s Barrow?

Led by the fugitive Beowulf and eleven of his men seek out the dragon’s barrow. Beowulf insists on taking on the dragon alone but his own sword Naegling is no match for the monster. Seeing his king in trouble one thane Wiglaf goes to his assistance.

When did Beowulf fight the dragon?

Starting around line 2200 of the great epic poem this peace and prosperity comes to an abrupt end when a dragon emerges from the hole it’s been hiding in for hundreds of years. This is the last of the monsters that Beowulf must overcome as part of the epic hero cycle.

Is the dragon in Beowulf his son?

Beowulf’s Dragon is a well-known dragon from Norse Mythology from the epic Poem “Beowulf”. It is also the final monster monster that appears in the poem. In the 2007 film based off the poem the dragon is a shapeshifting Wyvern-like creature and is the son of Beowulf and Grendel’s Mother.

How many soldiers does Beowulf take with him to fight the dragon?

English 12 – Beowulf Study Guide
Who is Beowulf? King of Geats and strongest of the Geats
How many men does Beowulf take with him? 14
What is Beowulf’s one request? Let him fight alone
How does Beowulf intend to fight Grendel? bare hands

How does Beowulf plan to fight the dragon quizlet?

To fight the dragon Beowulf plans to use a sword with his shield. Describe how the dragon reacts to Beowulf’s approach in the cave. The dragon becomes enraged and spews intense streams of fire at Beowulf. Describe the battle between Beowulf and the dragaon.

What does Beowulf say before fighting the dragon?

Now Beowulf says he shall fight once more: against the dragon. Beowulf recounts his deeds as a warrior and then says he’ll fight the dragon. Even he seems to imply that fighting the dragon is the act of a warrior not a king.

Who is the one Thane warrior who comes to help Beowulf in fighting the dragon?


Seeing his king in trouble one thane Wiglaf goes to his assistance while the others flee to the woods. Together Wiglaf and Beowulf kill the dragon but the mighty king is mortally wounded.

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How does Wiglaf aid Beowulf in killing the dragon?

When Beowulf wounds the dragon a second time striking so hard his sword shatters Wiglaf strikes at the open wound with his own sword tearing at the dragon’s throat so it can no longer breathe fire. His hand is badly burned but his attack allows Beowulf to close and kill the dragon.

What happens to the warriors who promised to support Beowulf in battle?

What happens to the warriors who promised to support Beowulf in battle? … Beowulf passes his jewels helmet and mail-shirt to Wiglaf before he dies. Makes Wiglaf king. Summarize what Wiglaf says to the soldiers who fled when the dragon attacked.

Who comes to Beowulf’s aid when he battles the dragon how is Beowulf related to him?

Who comes to Beowulf’s aid in Beowulf’s final battle and why? –Wiglaf because he is related by blood to Beowulf he has pledged his loyalty as a warrior to Beowulf and he wants to be famous so he can live.

Who is responsible for stealing the goblet in Beowulf?

One day the dragon happened to find the treasure and he took up residence in the barrow jealously guarding the gold. The dragon kept the treasure safe until the slave arrived and stole a goblet.

Why doesn’t Beowulf fear the wrath of the dragon?

Beowulf doesn’t fear the dragon because he is so proud of himself and believes God is on his side. … He wants to fight the dragon alone because he wants to prove that he is still a tough and honorable man. How are both Beowulf and the dragon mortally wounded?

Who becomes the future geat king?

Wiglaf The only thane to stand with Beowulf against the dragon he is the Geats’ future king and a symbol of loyalty within the social/political structure of the comitatus. Hygelac King of the Geats and uncle to Beowulf his death in battle (c. 520) is recorded historically unlike most of the events in the poem.

Was Beowulf scared to fight the dragon?

Beowulf is not afraid of the dragon because he has the utmost confidence in his own strength. Every time in the past Beowulf was able to overcome his…

What does the dragon destroy in Beowulf?

The dragon destroyed the Geats’ forts and defenses along the coast but Beowulf began to plan his revenge. Beowulf ordered his blacksmiths to make a mighty shield. He and the dragon were destined to end their lives together. Beowulf thought it would be shameful to go after the dragon with a whole army.

What’s the dragon’s name in Beowulf?

In Beowulf the ‘draca’ [dragon] is also described as a ‘wyrm’ [serpent].

Is the dragon in Beowulf a villain?

Beowulf (in the foreground) battling the Dragon (in the back). The Dragon is the third and final enemy in the Old English epic poem Beowulf one of the earliest known works of fiction.

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What 4 requests does Beowulf make at the end of his battle with the dragon?

a helmet a mail shirt a sword and 4 horses. Beowulf gives Hygd a necklace and 3 horses. how is Beowulf rewarded by Higlac? Beowulf is rewarded a sword and great tracts of land.

How does Beowulf intend to make it a fair fight?

In the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf the protagonist Beowulf insists on battling Grendel with his bare hands instead of using a weapon because he says Grendel doesn’t use one. … He will fight Grendel on equal terms. It is the honorable thing to do.

What do Beowulf’s men do when they see that Beowulf is struggling in his fight with the dragon?

How do Beowulf’s men react to the sight of the dragon gaining victory over Beowulf? They panic and run for their lives.

How is the enemy defeated in Beowulf?

How is the enemy defeated? Beowulf’s sword remnant shatters and the dragon wounds him in the neck. Wiglaf strikes at the dragon with Beowulf and they succeed in killing the dragon.

What happens to Beowulf Wiglaf and the dragon during the final fight?

Wiglaf rushes to Beowulf’s aid stabbing the dragon in the belly and the dragon scorches Wiglaf’s hand. In desperation Beowulf pulls a knife from his belt and stabs it deep into the dragon’s flank. The blow is fatal and the writhing serpent withers.

What is different about the way Beowulf approaches the battle with the dragon than that of when he faces Grendel?

Beowulf approaches the dragon with confidence standing firm as the dragon breaths fire. Beowulf’s shield begins to melt so Beowulf attacks with his sword but it does not go deep enough. Beowulf realizes he may die and his fellow soldiers run away in fear.

How does Beowulf call the dragon?

7. Beowulf calls the dragon by roaring out a battle cry at the entrance to the tower. The battle cry resounds throughout the tower assaulting the dragon’s ears.

What happens when Beowulf strikes the dragon with his sword?

When Higlac (the king of the Geats) dies Beowulf becomes king and rules for 50 years. … What happens when Beowulf strikes his enemy with his sword? He draws blood but the sword cracks and breaks off before it goes deep enough into the dragon to cause any significant wound.

Is Wiglaf a geat?

Wiglaf was the one Geat to stay with Beowulf in the battle with the dragon. He was a hero in that his loyalty his king never swayed.

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