What Is The Northernmost Us State

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What Is The Northernmost Us State?


What is the most northern state in the US Besides Alaska?

If you’re considering only the 48 contiguous states then we eliminate Alaska and Hawaii from the equation. The easternmost state is Maine marked by the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse (66 degrees 57 minutes west.) The northernmost state is Minnesota at Angle Inlet (49 degrees 23 minutes north.)

Where is the northernmost point in the lower 48 states?

Northwest Angle Minnesota
Northwest Angle Minnesota The Northwest Angle inlet is the northernmost point in the 48 contiguous United States. Located at 49°23’04.1″N 95°9’12.2″W Northwest Angle is situated on the northern side of the Lake of the Woods County in the State of Minnesota.Apr 20 2021

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What are the 10 most northerly states in the US?

10 Northernmost U.S. States
Latitude State
48.2 °N Michigan
47.5 °N Maine
47.3 °N Wisconsin
46.3 °N Oregon

Which US city is the farthest north?

Utqiagvik is the northernmost city in the United States and the ninth northernmost city in the world. It is 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

In which American city is the most northern point in the United States?

The northernmost point in the continental U.S. is found in Angle Inlet Minnesota which is itself a geographic anomaly. Now a monument commemorating marks the spot.

Is Maine farther north than Washington?

Answer: Washington. Its border with Canada is at 49 degrees north latitude. Maine’s northernmost point is the village of Estcourt Station slightly above 47 degrees north.

What is the southernmost state?


What is the northernmost point in Michigan?

At Keweenaw’s tip the tiny hamlet of Copper Harbor is Michigan’s northernmost point.

Is New York a northern state?

Recognized as these four areas the North includes Connecticut Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Dakota Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont and Wisconsin.

Is Chicago considered the North?

Chicago is the most populous city in the American Midwest and the third most populous in the United States.

Midwestern United States.
Midwestern United States The Midwest American Midwest
Largest cities Chicago Columbus Indianapolis Detroit Milwaukee Kansas City Omaha Minneapolis Wichita Cleveland St. Paul St. Louis

How many northern states do we have?

19 Northern states
Map of Nigeria showing the 19 Northern states.

What US city is closest to the North Pole?


Longyearbyen is around 1046 kilomtres from the North Pole making it the nearest town to it. It’s dark for four months a year and light for another four months. There are also more polar bears than there are people.

What is the northern most town in the world?

Isolated on the polar archipelago of Svalbard at 78 degrees north Longyearbyen is the world’s northernmost permanent settlement. Halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole the 2 300 residents here are used to extremes.Mar 2 2020

Which US city is furthest west?

The Answer: West Quoddy Head Me. is the easternmost point located 2 507 miles from the geographic center of the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska). The westernmost point is Cape Wrangell Alaska which is 3 625 miles west of center.

Is Alaska the easternmost state?

The Aleutian Islands cross longitude 180° so Alaska can be considered the easternmost state as well as the westernmost.

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How far north is Seattle?

How far is Seattle from the equator and on what hemisphere is it? Seattle is 3 289.27 mi (5 293.58 km) north of the equator so it is located in the northern hemisphere.

Which is further west Alaska or Hawaii?

Despite the confusion and the different perspectives you can simply this answer pretty easily. Alaska is the northernmost easternmost and westernmost state. Hawaii is the southernmost.

What is the easternmost part of the United States?

Point Udall a stone sundial monument on Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands is the easternmost point in the United States.

Which is the northernmost state of India?

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is situated in the northernmost part of India.

Jammu and Kashmir Facts.
Country India
Time Zone IST (UTC+05:30)
Literacy Rate 66.7%

Where is located the northern most part of India?

The northernmost point administered by India lies in the union territory of Ladakh which is claimed by Pakistan as a part of the autonomous territory of Azad Kashmir.

What is the northern part of Michigan called?

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan – also known as Upper Michigan or colloquially the U.P. – is the northern and more elevated of the two major landmasses that make up the U.S. state of Michigan it is separated from the Lower Peninsula by the Straits of Mackinac.

What town is farthest north in Michigan?

  • The City of Hancock is located in the Upper Peninsula in the Keweenaw Peninsula.
  • Hancock is the northernmost city in Michigan named for John Hancock the signer of the Declaration of Independence providing a superior location to live work and play.

Where can I see the northern lights in Michigan?

All you have to do is make your way to the Upper Peninsula in Northern Michigan. Spots on the southern shore of Lake Superior including Marquette Skanee Eagle River and Brimley offer jaw-dropping views of aurora borealis. Or you could also head to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park near Mackinaw City.

What states would be considered Northern?

Northern United States
The states shown in red are included in the general term Northern United States.
Country United States
States Connecticut Illinois Indiana Iowa Maine Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota New Hampshire New Jersey New York Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont Wisconsin

What state is up north?

At Ohio State ‘Michigan‘ is pronounced ‘That State Up North’

Is Virginia considered Northeast?

Northeast region (Connecticut Delaware most of Maryland Massachusetts Maine New Hampshire New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont most of Virginia most of West Virginia)

Is New Jersey a northern state?

The Northern states – or simply the North – is a region located in the United States. This region encompasses the nation’s northernmost states that are also located in the East and Midwest regions of the country.

Northern States 2021.
State 2021 Pop.
New Hampshire 1 372 203
New Jersey 8 874 520
New York 19 299 981
North Dakota 770 026

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Is California a northern or southern state?

Even though Arizona New Mexico and southern California are geographically southern parts of United States they are usually classified as the Southwestern United States and not the South (the climate culture and ethnic makeup of the Southwest are also different from the South).

Is Michigan East Coast?

Most of Michigan is in the United States Eastern Time Zone. Four counties (Gogebic Iron Dickinson and Menominee) in the western Upper Peninsula that share their southern border with the state of Wisconsin are in the United States Central Time Zone.

How many states are in North Central?

7 states

North Central (7 states): Niger Kogi Benue Plateau Nasarawa (Nassarawa) Kwara and FCT. North East (6 states): Bauchi Borno Taraba Adamawa Gombe and Yobe.

What is northern region?

The northern region is among the largest regions in India comprising eight states — Jammu & Kashmir Himachal Pradesh Punjab Uttarakhand Haryana Delhi Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and UT Chandigarh.

Which country is under North Belt?

In 1967 Northern Nigeria was divided into the North-Eastern State North-Western State Kano State Kaduna State Kwara State and the Benue-Plateau State each with its own Governor.

Northern Region Nigeria.
Northern Region Arewacin Najeriya Northern Nigeria
Largest city Kano
Official languages English
Major languages show List Bura-Pabir

Which US state is closest to the North Pole?


Alaska is the US State closest to the North Pole.

What is the northernmost state of the 48 contiguous US states?

Every State in the US

What is the Highest Point in Each State of the USA?

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