What Is Planetary Wind

What Is Planetary Wind?

Any wind system of the earth’s atmosphere which owes its existence and direction to solar radiation and to the rotation of the earth. …

What are Planetary winds answer?

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Planetary winds are defined as those winds which are distributed in the lower portion of the atmosphere and blow regularly throughout the year in limited areas of latitudinal belts in the north-east and south-east direction or from high pressure to low pressure regions.

What is an example of planetary wind?

There are three main types of planetary winds – the trade winds the westerlies and the easterlies. These winds are named according to the direction from which they blow.

What are Planetary winds for Class 7?

Permanent winds are also known as prevailing winds or planetary winds. They are called permanent winds because they blow throughout the year constantly in the same direction. They are of three types- trade winds westerlies and polar winds.

What is the difference between planetary wind and local wind?

Answer: Planetary winds are winds that blow on a global scale whereas local winds are mainly located on a smaller area in a given region. Planetary winds flow throughout the year without any seasonal changes whereas local winds are based on season and are shorter duration.

Why are planetary winds also called permanent winds?

Planetary winds constantly blow in the same direction all around the world throughout the year from one latitude to the other. They are also called prevailing or permanent winds because they blow in the same direction constantly throughout the year.

What are planetary winds describe the main planetary winds on Earth?

The main features of planetary wind are polar winds westerlies and trade winds. Explanation: Planetary wind refers to those wind that blows from one latitude to another and which are controlled by the factors such as changes in the temperature and pressure Coriolis effect.

What are planetary winds 6?

Planetary winds are also known as permanent winds. The trade winds the Easterlies and the Westerlies are known as planetary or permanent winds as they continuously blow throughout the year. These winds always blow in a particular direction.

What are the 3 types of winds?

The three chief types of winds are Trade winds Westerlies and polar winds.

What are the 4 types of winds?

Types of Wind – Planetary Trade Westerlies Periodic & Local Winds.

What are planetary or prevailing winds Mcq?

What are planetary or prevailing winds? Explanation: Planetary winds are winds that blow from one latitude to another throughout the year due to latitudinal differences in air pressure. They cover large areas of earth. 7.

What is variable wind?

Variable winds are those winds which blow in a small area and are related to the pressure systems. They are known as variable winds as they do not blow in a definite direction and their speed and velocity varies with the pressure system. Two main kinds of variable winds are cyclones and anti-cyclones.

What is pressure belts and planetary winds?

> Pressure belts are distinct identifiable zones of homogenous pressure on earth. Equatorial low subtropical highs sub polar lows and polar highs are the types of pressure belt on earth. Planetary winds are the winds in the lower atmosphere that are being controlled by these pressure belts.

Is Bora a planetary wind?

There are total of three types of planetary winds namely Trade winds Westerlies and Easterlies. These winds blow in 10 – 30 degree latitude in the northern and southern hemisphere. The Bora wind is a northern to north-eastern Katabatic wind in the Adriatic Sea.

What are the effects of planetary winds?

Planetary Winds affect climate because they cause the land to cool down. 2.) They also cause the moisture in the air to condense and then form clouds which results in precipitation.

How does it affect the planetary winds?

The Coriolis effect helps determine the direction of planetary or global winds by causing them to curve or deflect as the Earth rotates. In the Northern Hemisphere winds curve to the right in the direction of motion. … The difference in temperature between land and sea also influences global winds.

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What is westerly flow?

The westerlies anti-trades or prevailing westerlies are prevailing winds from the west toward the east in the middle latitudes between 30 and 60 degrees latitude. … Tropical cyclones which cross the subtropical ridge axis into the westerlies recurve due to the increased westerly flow.

What is wind system in geography?

Wind is the movement of air caused by the uneven heating of the Earth by the sun. … Warm equatorial air rises higher into the atmosphere and migrates toward the poles. This is a low-pressure system. At the same time cooler denser air moves over Earth’s surface toward the Equator to replace the heated air.

Where are the tradewinds?

The trade winds can be found about 30 degrees north and south of the equator. Right at the equator there is almost no wind at all—an area sometimes called the doldrums.

What are planetary winds Shaalaa com?

Planetary winds are also called permanent or prevailing winds as they blow the year-round in the same areas.

What are planetary winds and periodic winds?

There are two types of planetary winds i.e. the trade winds and the westerly winds. On the other hand Sometimes wind change their direction with the change of season or time. Such winds are called periodic winds. Monsoon land and sea breezes and mountain and valley breezes come under the category of periodic winds.

Which wind is not associated to planetary winds?

The trade winds the Easterlies and the Westerlies are known as planetary or permanent winds as they continuously blow throughout the year. These winds always blow in a particular direction. Monsoon is not a planetary wind.

Is Monsoon a local wind?

Monsoon winds are larger scale versions of land and sea breezes they blow from the sea onto the land in summer and from the land onto the sea in winter. Monsoon winds occur where very hot summer lands are next to the sea. … The most important monsoon in the world occurs each year over the Indian subcontinent.

What are the different types of planetary winds What are the latitudes?

Polar Easterlies: From 60-90 degrees latitude. Prevailing Westerlies: From 30-60 degrees latitude (aka Westerlies). Tropical Easterlies: From 0-30 degrees latitude (aka Trade Winds).

What are the 3 global wind patterns?

There are three prevailing wind belts associated with these cells: the trade winds the prevailing westerlies and the polar easterlies (Fig.

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What is summer wind called?

The Loo (Hindi: लू ) is a strong dusty gusty hot and dry summer wind from the west which blows over the Indo-Gangetic Plain region of North India and Pakistan. It is especially strong in the months of May and June.

What are planetary or prevailing winds?

Planetary Winds Definition – The winds that flow throughout the year from one latitude to another latitude because of latitudinal differences in the air pressure are called planetary winds. They are also called prevailing winds. Planetary winds blow from a single direction over a specific area over the earth.

What causes the curved paths of the planetary winds *?

The Coriolis effect is the apparent curvature of global winds ocean currents and everything else that moves freely across the Earth’s surface. The curvature is due to the rotation of the Earth on its axis. The effect was discovered by the nineteenth century French engineer Gaspard C. Coriolis.

What are westerly winds Mcq?

Explanation: Westerly winds are winds blowing from sub-tropical high pressure areas to sub-polar low pressure areas. The direction of flow is from west to east between 30 and 60 degrees latitude. … Explanation: Monsoons land and sea breeze mountain and valley breeze are examples of periodic winds.

Why are variable winds so called?

They are called variable winds because they do not blow in any definite direction and their direction varies with the movement of the pressure system. Their speed also depends on the intensity of the depression.

What causes variable winds?

Why does wind tend to be variable when wind speeds are low? … Wind direction is best detected in an open area away from surface obstructions such as buildings and trees. When the pressure gradient becomes weak the small mesoscale and microscale environment overpowers the synoptic scale influence on wind direction.

Why is wind variable?

The wind direction may be considered variable if during the 2-minute evaluation period the wind speed is 6 knots or less. Also the wind direction shall be considered variable if during the 2-minute evaluation period it varies by 60 degrees or more when the average wind speed is greater than 6 knots.

What’s the planetary wind belts?

The global wind belts are the three wind belts or wind patterns that cover the planet: the tropical easterlies (or the trade winds) are found near the equator the polar easterlies are found at the north and south poles and the prevailing westerlies are found between the two.

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Is Chinook a planetary wind?

The correct answer is Chinook. Chinook winds are also called as Foehn winds in other parts of the world.

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