What Is Boston Like

What are the bad things about Boston?

The Worst:
  • The cost of living. Boston is a very expensive city and lots of people need two jobs to get by. …
  • The drivers. …
  • The weather. …
  • The city and state’s hatred of alcohol and fun in general. …
  • Speaking of the train the T is awful.

What’s it like living in Boston?

Boston often feels like a small town with all the perks of city life. The metro area features a diverse culinary scene access to the cultural institutions and proximity to world-class schools employers and health care. It is historic but ever-evolving.

Is Boston a good city?

Quality of Life. Boston is one of the healthiest cities in the country with a high quality of life to match. Deutsche Bank says Boston is the eighth best city in the world in terms of quality of life. (Boston is the highest-ranking U.S. city on the list).

Is Boston a nice place to live?

BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston metro area ranked high as a desirable place to live in a recent ranking–with other New England cities also making the cut. … The ranking looked for cities that had good value a strong job market a high quality of life and high desirability as a place to live.

Is Boston safe to live?

According a recent study conducted by WalletHub they are all very safe places to live ranking No. … In terms of traffic fatalities however Boston is very safe placing 4th on the list of cities with the fewest traffic fatalities per capita.

Is moving to Boston a good idea?

Despite the high cost of living moving to Boston is still a great option if you can afford it. There are numerous neighborhoods that are attractive places to live. You should always choose an area of Boston that is based around your income. Keep in mind that some apartments are more affordable than others.

Are Bostonians rude?

“They’re not friendly.” Boston ranks as the fifth rudest city in the country. Much of the rudeness stems from Bostonians’ love for their sports teams according to Travel + Leisure which also listed Boston as the second most sports-crazed city in the U.S.

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Is Boston cheaper than NYC?

NYC? New York City is more expensive than Boston. Both cities made to the top list of the United States most expensive city. Boston real estate is expensive already but New York is skyrocketing.

Is Boston a good place to live 2021?

The city was ranked No. 8 on U.S. News and World Report’s list of the top 150 places to live in 2021-2022. … Boston Worcester Providence and New Haven were also on the U.S. News and World Report list of the top 150 places to live in 2021-2022.

Is Boston like London?

ultured artistic and packed with heritage Boston is geographically the closest US city to London where Brits can feel completely at home. … The combination of old and new is one reason why Boston is so special. This is where the American revolution began which the city celebrates with pride.

Is Boston more expensive than Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is 6.7% more expensive than Boston. Los Angeles housing costs are 14.4% more expensive than Boston housing costs. Health related expenses are 7.2% more in Los Angeles.

Is Chicago better than Boston?

You factor in living expenses Chicago wins. Boston is a more expensive city than Chicago but same opportunity for employment. It is better to live in Chicago than Boston when you factor in the expenses and things to do. It is way cheaper in Chicago than Boston yet you get plenty of opportunities to work and earn.

What are winters like in Boston?

Winters are cold but generally less extreme on the coast with high temperatures in the winter averaging above freezing even in January although areas further inland will be colder. Don’t forget to pack your heavy coat hat and maybe a pair of boots. Make the most of Winter with our list of highlights.

What is the coldest month in Boston?


Boston’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 22.1°F. In July the warmest month the average day time temperature rises to 82.2°F.

Is Chicago safer than Boston?

While neither city is ranked among the safest cities in their own states Boston neighborhoods have a much lower crime rate than Chicago. Boston has noticeably lower rates in everything from violent crime to property crimes such as burglary and motor vehicle theft.

Where is Boston’s red light district?

Centered on Washington Street between Boylston Street and Kneeland Street the area was once the site of many strip clubs peep shows X-rated movie theaters and adult bookstores.

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Where do the rich live in Boston?


Not only is Charlestown ranked among the wealthiest Boston neighborhoods but it is also considered one of the best places for families to live in the city. Charlestown can be found directly north of Downtown Boston across the Charles River.

What is a good salary in Boston?

If you’re moving to Boston you should have a household income of $120 900. Of course this figure can scale up or down depending on the number of bedrooms you need. Once again the $120 900 income figure is based on a 2-bedroom apartment with a monthly rent of $2 900 per month.

Is Boston a drivable city?

However most people agree that it isn’t easy to drive in Boston. There is no grid to follow across the city like in New York City and because most people walk around there are typically many pedestrians to watch out for in every direction at intersections.

Do you need a car in Boston?

Boston is a walking city and is fairly small as easy to navigate on foot or by train. A car isn’t necessary in Boston. Parking in the city will cost you $40+ a day and more if you are staying overnight depending on the area.

Does it snow in Boston?

Over the long-term Boston has averaged an inch or two of snow during November and April. … Boston’s first snowfall of winter usually arrives in December. The season’s last snowfall typically happens in March. Boston is normally free of snow every year from May to October.

Does Boston feel like big city?

Big City Small-Town Feel”

While Boston’s a big city its surrounding suburbs have a distinctly small-town feel. That’s one of the reasons Boston’s known as a great place to start and raise a family. Even within the city there are spots that make you forget you’re in a bustling urban city center.

What do Bostonians call Dunkin Donuts?


3. Dunks. The abbreviation for “Dunkin’ Donuts” among diehard Bostonian fans or any Bostonians for that matter. “Dunks” is commonly used in phrases such as “making a Dunks run” or just about any other sentence that you can throw it into.

Is Boston nicer than New York?

In this area Boston is the clear winner. … Overall the areas of Boston that tourists will see are much cleaner and less crowded than Manhattan. You will probably feel more comfortable walking through the “Athens of America” than New York.

What is the best month to go to Boston?

The best time to visit Boston is from June to October. Mild autumn weather makes touring around on foot a joy. And even though summer brings in swarms of tourists and expensive hotel rates the sidewalk cafes baseball games and outdoor concerts make it worth a trip.

Is Boston or San Francisco better?

Boston has a lot to boast about but San Francisco has more. If you are choosing the best city to live in San Francisco is preferable. Between Boston and San Francisco the best city to live in is SF. SF is projected as the city of the future while Boston is drawn to its colonial past.

Is Boston expensive to live?

However Boston is also considered to be a high-cost metropolis. Some people are surprised to learn that it is nearly as expensive to live in Boston as it is to live in New York City. In fact the cost of living in Boston is approximately 48-percent higher when compared to the national average.

Why is Boston so expensive?

in Boston said Boston is so expensive because the demand for housing is much greater than the supply. The high demand is the result of all of the universities hospitals and industry in Boston. “The supply is limited and that is what drives the prices up ” he said.

Is Boston affordable to live?

Living in the Hub is not cheap—Boston is among the most expensive cities in the US. … When you add rent to the calculation Boston’s score actually goes down to 81.87 meaning that the total cost of living including housing is nearly 20% less than it is in New York City.

Does Boston feel like Europe?

Boston Massachusetts – feels like England and Italy

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Much like the melting pot that is the United States Boston consists of cultures architecture and food largely derived from Mainland Europe.

Is Boston more expensive than London?

London is 15.6% more expensive than Boston.

Is Boston the most European city in America?

The capital of Massachusetts is a top cultural destination both for its array of museums and history. Boston is said to be the most European city in the United States as you can get around on foot or by public transport amongst other things.

What is a livable salary in Boston?

Living Wage Calculation for Boston-Cambridge-Newton MA
0 Children 3 Children
Living Wage $19.17 $33.19
Poverty Wage $6.13 $7.38
Minimum Wage $12.75 $12.75

What is the most expensive state to live in?

There may be no more breathtaking a place than the Aloha State but prices in Hawaii America’s most expensive state will take your breath away too.

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