What is a Ballpark Figure?

What is a Ballpark Figure?

A ballpark figure is a rough numerical estimate or approximation of the value of something that is otherwise unknown. Ballpark figures are commonly used by accountants, salespersons, and other professionals to estimate current or future results.

What does it mean a ballpark estimate?

A roughly accurate estimate, an educated guess. Coming from baseball, this expression rests in turn on in the ballpark, meaning within certain limits. Although both are generally applied to numerical estimates, neither appears to have anything to do with baseball scores.

What does within the ballpark mean?

In the ballpark refers to something that is a close estimation, an answer or amount that may or may not be the exact correct answer or amount, but is near it.

How do you use ballpark figures?

Example Sentences
  1. The management was given a ballpark figure at the very beginning of the presentation.
  2. She manages to give her father a ballpark amount that she would need every week.
  3. I have donated this ballpark figure to the children’s aid this morning.

Where did in the ballpark come from?

To be in the ballpark in the figurative sense of “within an acceptable range of approximation” is first recorded 1954, originally in the jargon of atomic weapons scientists, perhaps referring to the area within which a missile was expected to return to earth; the idea is broad but reasonably predictable dimensions.

How do you make a ballpark figure?

Can you give me a ballpark figure?

An approximate number; an estimate. Do you have a ballpark figure for the cost of the renovations? That’s just a ballpark figurethey don’t know exactly how many people will be attending the event.

What does at a crossroad mean?

Also, at a crossroads. At a point of decision or a critical juncture, as in Because of the proposed merger, the company is standing at the crossroads. This phrase, based on the importance accorded to the intersection of two roads since ancient times, has also been used figuratively just about as long.

Is the right ballpark?

to be close to the right amount: “And do you think the projected sales figures are realistic?” “They’re in the right ballpark.”

What is a ballpark in business?

A ballpark figure is a rough statistical estimate or an estimate of value otherwise unknown. Accountants, salespersons, and other professionals commonly use ballpark figures to estimate current or future results.

How many runs do you get when you hit the ball out of the ballpark?

The batter can run to all four bases if he hits the ball over the fence or out of the ballpark. Such a hit is called a home run. Nationals Park in Washington, DC, July 4, 2013.

How do you calculate ballpark estimate?

Example with Calculations
  1. Say two numbers are given, 32 and 46. …
  2. Then using the formula of the estimate, 32 will become 30 as the unit digit is amongst 1,2,3,4. …
  3. After subtracting 50-30 = 20.
  4. The actual difference between 46-32 = 14, while the ballpark estimate is 20 which is close to 14.

What is the meaning of a fish out of water?

A person away from his or her usual environment or activities. For example, Using a computer for the first time, Carl felt like a fish out of water, or On a hiking trail, Nell was a fish out of water. This expression alludes to the fact that fish cannot survive for long on dry land. [ Late 1300s]

What is a ball park finger?

Wiktionary. ballpark figurenoun. An educated guess or estimation within acceptable bounds.

Who has priority at crossroads?

If you are emerging left or going straight ahead at the crossroad you have priority over the traffic from the road opposite if they are turning their right but never assume as sometimes they don’t stop especially if they have been waiting for a while so try to get eye contact if they are not looking at you and looking …

What are happy crossroads?

Though a literal definition of crossroads might be something like “the point where two roads meet,” it is more often used in a figurative way, to mean a situation that requires some important choice must be made.

What does clam up mean?

Definition of clam up

intransitive verb. : to become silent clammed up and refused to talk.

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