What Does Summa Cum Laude Mean?

What Does Summa Cum Laude Mean?

What happens if you are summa cum laude?

Like summiting a mountain, the student who has achieved summa cum laude has achieved “the highest distinction.” This student has earned grades within the highest percentage of their school or department or has achieved some other metric that the school considers worthy of the highest recognition.

What does summa cum laude GPA?

summa cum laude: at least a 3.7 total GPA (grade point average) and a class rank in the 95th percentile or above in the student’s school or college.

What is the highest magna or summa?

Summa is higher than magna. “Magna cum laude” is Latin for “with great distinction.” “Summa cum laude” translates as “with the highest distinction.”

Is summa cum laude straight A’s?

Those who earn all A’s in college usually fall under the summa cum laude distinction. That’s because summa cum laude represents the very top of the class. If you want to earn this wowing title, you’ll need to earn all A’s in college. In general, only the top 1-5% will achieve this title.

What GPA is magna cum laude?

All eligible candidates for a baccalaureate with a GPA of 3.8 or higher graduate summa cum laude. Those with a grade point average of less than 3.8, but equal to or above 3.6, graduate magna cum laude. Those with a GPA of less than 3.6, but equal to or above 3.4, graduate cum laude.

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