What Continents Surround The Indian Ocean

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What Continents Surround The Indian Ocean?

It is bounded by Asia to the north Africa to the west and Australia to the east. To the south it is bounded by the Southern Ocean or Antarctica depending on the definition in use.

How many countries are surrounded by Indian Ocean?

This list of sovereign states and dependent territories in the Indian Ocean consists of 38 countries with 13 in Africa 22 in Asia and 1 in Oceania that either border on or are in the Indian Ocean as well as 2 European countries which administer several dependencies or overseas territories in the region.

What continent is bordered by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean?

Oceania is bordered by the Pacific and Indian Ocean on either side. Antarctica is the most remote continent and it is permanently covered with ice.

Is the Indian Ocean a continent?

Dear Africa Asia Antarctica Australia Europe North America and South America: No need to stress. Ashwal the researcher who made the discovery put it: “It’s a continent in the geological sense not in the geographical one.” …

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What three continents border the Arctic Ocean?

The Arctic Ocean includes the North Pole region in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere and extends south to about 60°N. The Arctic Ocean is surrounded by Eurasia and North America and the borders follow topographic features: the Bering Strait on the Pacific side and the Greenland Scotland Ridge on the Atlantic side.

Does Antarctica touch the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean touches Asia Africa Australia and Antarctica. It also connects and links the Continents called the Old World in contrast to the New World which is touched by the Atlantic Pacific and Arctic Seas.

What continents border the oceans?

Together oceans cover 71-72% of the planet’s surface and contain 97% of the water on Earth. Asia and North America are the only continents that historically border three oceans while Russia and Canada are the only countries that border three oceans. Both countries border the Pacific Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Which continents are bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans?

The oceans that border North America are the Atlantic the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans. The Arctic Ocean is situated on the northern edge of the continent while the Atlantic Ocean is situated on the continent’s eastern edge and the Pacific Ocean borders it on the western and southern edges.

What countries surround the Atlantic Ocean?

North and Central America
  • Bahamas.
  • Belize.
  • Bermuda (UK)
  • Canada.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Greenland (DEN)
  • Guatemala.
  • Honduras.

How many continents and oceans are there in India?

There are 7 continents which include: North America South America Europe Africa Antarctica Asia and Australasia. There are 5 oceans which include: Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Arctic Ocean Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

What continent is west of the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world’s five oceans making up about 20% of Earth’s water. Named after the country of India it is bordered by Asia to the north Antarctica to the south Australia to the east and Africa to the west.

Why is Indian Ocean called Indian Ocean?

Complete answer:

The Indian Ocean is named after India because of its strategic location at the head of the ocean from ancient times and its long coastline which is longer than any other country in the Indian Ocean rim.

How many continents border the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean on Earth with an area of 63.8 million square miles. It is also bigger than all the land on the planet put together. It borders four continents: North America South America Australia and Asia.

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What separates the Indian and Arctic oceans?

The 20° east meridian divides the Atlantic from the Indian Ocean in the east. The Arctic Ocean is separated from the Atlantic by a line from Greenland to southernmost Svalbard to northern Norway. The lowest point of the Atlantic is 4 665 m deep in the Fram Basin.

What continent is surrounded by the most oceans?

Continent Country Polar Oceans
North America Canada Arctic Ocean
North America US (Alaska) Arctic Ocean
North America US (Lower 48)
North America Mexico

Who controls the Indian Ocean?

However the Indian Navy claims the entire Indian Ocean as its area of responsibility and prides itself on being the first to respond to natural and humanitarian disasters there. While France and India are the key regional players on security the UK also plays an important role.

Is the Indian Ocean deep?

8 047 m

What continents touch the Southern Ocean?

The Southern Ocean was delineated by land-based limits – the continent of Antarctica to the south and the continents of South America Africa and Australia plus Broughton Island New Zealand in the north.

What are the oceans that surround Asia?

Asia is bordered by the Arctic Pacific and Indian Oceans. Asia’s physical geography environment and resources and human geography can be considered separately.

Where do the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean meet?


CAPE AGULHAS South Africa—Water water everywhere but where do two oceans meet? The answer has long pitted businesses at South Africa’s sleepy Cape Agulhas against those near the world-renowned Cape of Good Hope.

What ocean surrounds Antarctica?

The Southern Ocean
Antarctic Polar Front The Southern Ocean encircles Antarctica and its area is usually defined as extending from the edge of the continent (and its ice shelves) to the position of the ‘polar front’ separating it from the surrounding Pacific Indian and South Atlantic Oceans.

Does Morocco have an Atlantic coastline?

This five-hundred-kilometre stretch of Atlantic coastline takes in Morocco’s urban heartland and accounts for close to a fifth of the country’s total population. It’s an astonishingly recent growth along what was until the French Protectorate a neglected strip of coast.

Where are the 7 continents and 5 oceans?

The 7 continents of the world are North America South America Antarctica Europe Asia Africa and Australia. The 5 oceans of the world are the Atlantic Ocean the Indian Ocean the Pacific Ocean the Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

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What are the 7 continents of India?

There are seven continents: Asia Africa North America South America Antarctica Europe and Australia (listed from largest to smallest in size).

What are the 7 continents and 4 oceans?

They will learn to identify the four major oceans (Pacific Atlantic Indian and Arctic) and the seven continents (Asia Europe Africa Antarctica Australia North America and South America).

What two continents are near Antarctica?

South America is the closest continent to Antarctica. The closest point of South America is shared by Argentina and Chile.

Which continent is south of the Atlantic Ocean?

Atlantic Ocean body of salt water covering approximately one-fifth of Earth’s surface and separating the continents of Europe and Africa to the east from those of North and South America to the west. The ocean’s name derived from Greek mythology means the “Sea of Atlas.” It is second in size to the Pacific Ocean.

How many oceans touch the Indian mainland?

How many oceans touch the Indian mainland? Notes: The Indian Ocean which touches the southern tip of the Indian mainland is the only ocean touching the Indian mainland. The other two bodies of water are the Bay of Bengal in the east and the Arabian Sea in the west.

What is the Indian Ocean famous for?

Indian Ocean has its own contribution in the world trade. Besides the navigation routes and mineral deposits this ocean also has many oil deposits which make about 40 percent of total world production.

Who named the oceans?

explorer Ferdinand Magellan
The ocean’s current name was coined by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan during the Spanish circumnavigation of the world in 1521 as he encountered favorable winds on reaching the ocean. He called it Mar Pacífico which in both Portuguese and Spanish means “peaceful sea”.

Is Oceania a continent?


What continents are separated from Africa by the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean separates the continents of Europe and Africa from North and South America.

What continents are separated from Asia by the Pacific Ocean?

The Pacific Ocean is a body of salt water extending from the Antarctic region in the south to the Arctic in the north and lying between the continents of Asia and Australia on the west and North America and South America on the east.

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