History of Pandavas

Who is the real father of Pandavas?

The Pandavas were born to Pandu and his wives, Kunti and Madri by the boon given to Kunti by Durvasa, that she could have a son by any god whom she respects without having any marital affair.

Who did Draupadi sleep with first?

The first night with Yudhishtara proved disastrously frustrating for Draupadi who was by then aroused and willing to be taken. Bhima, who came next, got over his carnal desire by carrying Draupadi on his shoulders to show her the city till he was exhausted. Arjuna satiated her desire by masturbating her.

Who is the secret Pandava?

Kara, the reincarnation of Karna Karna (pronounced: “CAR-nuh”) was the secret Pandava and archenemy of Arjuna, he was given the name Vasushena by his adopted parents. The other five Pandavas didn’t even know he was their brother until his dying moments.

Who is yudhisthira Favourite wife?

Draupadi (Panchali) was the main consort of yudhishthir and he loved her the most. She accompanied him in every moment of his life till the time she died during journey to the heaven.

Where is Ashwathama today?

In another version, it is believed that he is cursed to remain alive till the end of the Kaliyuga. It is believed that Ashwatthama migrated to the land currently known as Arabian peninsula.

Who killed Karna?

The war between the Kauravas and Pandavas during the Dwapar Yug at the battlefield of Kurukshetra took place over 18 days. Karna was the Senapati or te General of the Kaurava army. He died on day 17 of the battle when Arjun fired a weapon upon a distressed unarmed Karna.

Was Draupadi in her periods during Vastraharan?

Yes,draupadi was on her periods during vastra haran and her ordeal did not end there even after dragging her into the court Duryodhan ,Karna and Dushasan called her names and ordered her to be disrobed..

Was yudhisthira in love with Draupadi?

Of course yes. he loved her where many example are given in the story. He only tells that she is so great that she takes care of all of us like a mother so in turn we should take care of her like our daughter to his brothers.

How many wives did Pandavas?

All the five Pandava brothers had one common wife Draupadi, the daughter of King Drupada of Panchala. Devika- She was the daughter of Govasana of Sivi kingdom. Yudhishthira and Devika had a son named Yaudheya.

Who killed shakuni?

During the Kurukshetra War, Shakuni was killed by the youngest Pandava, Sahadeva.

Who killed yudhisthira?

On the first day, he fights with Shalya and wounds him. On the night of the 14th day, he tried to stop Duryodhana as he was inflicting heavy casualties on the pandava army. However, an enraged Duryodhana severely wounds Yudishthira.

Who was Pandavas Favourite wife?

Originally Answered: Mahabharat: Who among Pandavas loved Draupadi the most ? Bheema loved Draupadi the most. But Draupadi was more in love with Arjun who loved Subhadra (Krishna’s youngest sister) to whom Arjun was married.

Who was Arjun’s Favourite wife?

Arjuna is a central character in the Hindu epics and appears in hundreds of situations. Among the most notable is his marriage to Draupadi, the fire born daughter of Drupada, who was the king of Panchala.

Who killed Dronacharya?

Drona sat down, started to meditate and his soul left his body in quest of Ashwatthama’s soul. Dhristadyumna took his sword and decapitated Drona, killing him.

Does Karna love Draupadi?

The short and simple answer is: No Draupadi was not in love with Karna. In Vyasa’s Mahabharata, Draupadi never had any feelings towards Karna.

Which God is still alive on Earth?

Chiranjivi (Sanskrit: ?????????, IAST: ciranj?vi) are the eight immortals who are to remain alive on Earth until the end of the current Kali Yuga, according to Hinduism.

Who is still alive from Mahabharata?

After the battle of Mahabharata, only 3 warriors from the Kauravas and 15 from the Pandavas were left alive, namely, Kautavarma, Kripacharya and Ashwatthama, while Yuyutsu, Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Bhima, from the Pandavas.

Does hastinapur palace still exist?

Hastinapura, described in Hindu texts such as the Mahabharata and the Puranas as the capital of the Kuru Kingdom, is also mentioned in ancient Jain texts. Hastinapur is located on the right bank of the Ganga river.
District Meerut
Elevation 212 m (696 ft)
Population (2011)
Total 58,452

10 more rows

Who killed Bhima?

His repeated failures and fecklessness against Bhima angered Duryodhana so much that he wanted him dead. He hatched a cunning plot where he poisoned Bhima’s food and drowned him in River Ganga. Thankfully, the Naga king Vasuki saved Bhima and also apprised him of Duryodhana’s hatred for him.

Who killed Arjun?

Babruvahana defeated Arjuna and killed him. To kill Arjuna, Babruvahana used the divine weapon.

Is Mahabharat real?

Mahabharata happened approximately 5000 years ago. The exact figures are not known but this is the most accurate estimate. The Author of this epic was Sage Vyasa. Although he wrote the epic approximately 5000 years ago.

Why Draupadi kept her hair open?

Thus, Draupadi never tied her hair after this shameful incident and her open hair kept on reminding the Pandavas about the insult. Later when Bhima killed Dusshasana, he brought the blood of Dusshasana for Draupadi. Only after she bathed her hair with Dusshasana’s blood did Draupadi tie her hair again.

Was Subhadra jealous of Draupadi?

When Subhadra did this, Draupadi felt immensely pleased and blessed her that their none speak ill about her husband,ie: Arjuna. Thus, Draupadi became friendly with Subhadra and thereafter never felt jealous of her.

Did Draupadi washes her hair with blood?

It says that Draupadi washed her hair with her brother-in-law Dushasana’s blood, as a mark of her vengeance against the molestation she had suffered at the dice-game. Though an extremely powerful and symbolic theme, this incident does not appear in Vyasa’s Sanskrit Mahabharata.

What if Draupadi married Karna?

If Draupadi had married Karna then he would be on the Pandavas side and Vastraparana wouldn’t happen at all. And moreover without Karna’s support Duryodhan would never have courage to call for the war. So there ends the matter, without any war peacefully.

Which son did Kunti love most?

Birth and early years

Kunti raised him along with his brothers in Hastinapura with love and care. It is believed that Sahadeva was Kunti’s favourite son in spite of not being her biological son. It is also believed that Sahadeva was an incarnation of Shukra, the guru of asuras.

Did Bhima burn yudhisthira hands?

There is also an incident in Mahabharata when Bhim became very angry at Yudhishthira and asked Sahadeva to bring fire so that he could burn both hands of Yudhishthira. Today we are going to tell you. When Yudhishthira lost Draupadi in gambling, Draupadi was insulted in a gathering. Seeing this, Bhim got very angry.

Who ruled Hastinapur after Pandavas?

When the child was born lifeless, it was Krishna who gave it life through His yogic powers. After Krishna left for Vaikuntam and the Pandavas renounced the world of power and pleasure, Parikshit inherited the throne of Hastinapur.

Who is elder Pandavas son?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Yudhishthira. In the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira is the first among the five Pandava brothers. He was the son of the king Pandu of Kuru and his first wife, Kunti, and was blessed to the couple by the god Dharma, who is often identified with the death god Yama.

What is the caste of Pandavas?

Pandavas were kshatriya. They were not blood related to the kuru kingdom(they were adopted by pandu). As they w ere born to kunti and madri through various gods. Therefore their cast can be considered as kshatriya celestial beings.

Who killed Ashwathama?

Krishna, who knew it was not possible to defeat an armed Drona, hatched a plan to kill him by lying to him about the death of his son Ashwatthama. The plan worked and the grieving sage was beheaded by Dhristadyumna, which in turn led to Ashwatthama becoming filled with rage at the deceptive way his father was killed.

What is the current name of Hastinapur?

Hastinapur The grand city in the Mahabharata and the capital of the Kauravas and Pandavas, Hastinapur was where currently Meerut in Uttar Pradesh is. Hastinapur was where Yudhisthir lost his brothers in the gamble.

Who killed dhritarashtra?

After the great war of Mahabharata, the grief-stricken blind king along with his wife Gandhari, sister-in-law Kunti, and half brother Vidura left Hastinapura for penance. It is believed that all of them (except Vidura who predeceased him) perished in a forest fire and attained Moksha.

Who killed Draupadi?

However, owing to the darkness, Ashwathama mistakenly kills the five sons of Draupadi instead of the Pandavas. According to another version of the Mahabharata, Ashwathama purposely kills the sons of the Pandavas to destroy the Kuru clan.

Who is jarasandha wife?

Gender Male
Family Brihadratha (father) Two princesses of Kashi (mothers)
Children Sahadeva and Jayatsen (sons) Asti and Prapti (daughters, wives of Kamsa)
Kingdom Magadha

6 more rows

Was Karna brother killed?

After Arjuna got to know that Karna was his brother, he trained Vrishaketu. Later he went to the kingdom of Manipura with Arjuna and was killed by Babruvahana. In some versions of the epic, Vrishaketu was revived by Krishna.
Gender Male

3 more rows

Who was bheem Favourite wife?

Of course, Bhima’s favorite wife was Draupadi. Kunti accepted Hidimba’s marriage proposal under the condition that he will go back to his family once they get a child. Hidimba agreed.

Who does Draupadi love?

Draupadi loved Arjun. It was he who she was married to and many incidents are mentioned in various books of accounts which mention her love for Arjun. But she always longed for his love as it was Subhadra who Arjun loved. Bhim loved Draupadi the most out of all 5 brothers.

Why was duryodhana angry on Draupadi?

The dice plot, and Draupadi’s humiliation

Duryodhana’s jealousy of the prosperity and fame of Indraprastha and being humiliated by the Pandavas made him furious and he wished to throw down the Pandavas.

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