Marketing Firm Exactis Leaked a Personal Info Database With 340 Million Records

Marketing Firm Exactis Leaked a Personal Info Database With 340 Million Records

WIRED reported: “Earlier this month, security researcher Vinny Troia discovered that Exactis, a Palm Coast, Florida-based data broker, had exposed a database that contained close to 340 million individual records on a publicly accessible server.Jun 27, 2021

How did Exactis data breach happen?

Exactis was founded privately in 2015. The Exactis data breach was discovered by security expert Vinny Troia who was testing the security protocols of ElasticSearch. He used a tool called Shodan and found 7,000 databases that were accessible on public servers.

What is Facebook data breach?

The most recent Facebook data breach happened in April 2021, when personal data pertaining to 533 million Facebook users was made public on an online forum. This information, which included names, phone numbers, and more, was originally scraped using Facebook’s contact importer in 2019.

Who is verifications io? is a company that approves or verifies email addresses for third parties. They ensure that third-party email marketing campaigns are delivered to verified email accounts instead of fake ones.

Who is Cit0day?

The now-defunct was a data breach index website that collected previously hacked databases and advertised them in the cybercriminal community and on underground forums.

What is Exactis data breach?

WIRED reported: “Earlier this month, security researcher Vinny Troia discovered that Exactis, a Palm Coast, Florida-based data broker, had exposed a database that contained close to 340 million individual records on a publicly accessible server.

What is River City Media spam list?

“One of the world’s allegedly most prolific spamming operations inadvertently left backup databases accessible online, exposing upwards of 1.37 billion records and a raft of internal company information.

Where can I find Facebook leaked data?

To find out whether your personal information was leaked in the breach, you can check the data tracking tool, HaveIBeenPwnd. Its creator, Troy Hunt, updated the site with the latest data from the Facebook leak.

Was there a Facebook data breach 2021?

Over the weekend, cybersecurity experts revealed that about half a billion Facebook users’ personal information was breached — a treasure trove of data the includes full names, birthdays, phone numbers and their location.

How did the 2021 Facebook data breach happen?

An internal Facebook email, accidentally sent to Belgium-based Data News, has revealed its strategy for dealing with the leaking of account details from 533 million users. It suggests the social network expected more such incidents and was planning to frame it as an industry problem that was a normal occurrence.

What is Apollo data breach?

A user on a popular hacking forum is selling a database that purportedly contains close to 11 million user records stolen from Apollo, a US-based sales engagement and digital marketing company.

What happened verification io?

On February 25, 2019, was breached. Once the breach was discovered and verified, it was added to our database on March 9, 2019.

Was there a recent data breach?

The most recent known data breach came to light on April 4, when the company Block acknowledged that Cash App had been breached by an insider threat. It is not yet clear how many customers have been affected, but Block is reaching out to over 8 million customers to inform them of the incident.

Who is Pemiblanc?

Description. A security researcher discovered an online credential stuffing list containing 111 billion records that attackers could abuse to prey upon unsuspecting users.

Is my mail hacked?

One of the most obvious signs of your email being hacked is the fact that you can’t sign into it. If your email password is rejected as incorrect and you didn’t change it, it’s a strong indication that someone else has altered it.

What is Antipublic combo list?

The Anti Public Combo List is a massive database of email addresses and password pairs that have been pieced together over the past several years from various unrelated breaches and data leaks.

What is Exact is?

Exactis gets information on users through cookies, small packets of data sent out by a website when a user visits it and stored in that user’s data, according to Mark Weinstein, privacy expert and founder of social media site MeWe. These files help the website keep track of the user’s movement within the site.

Who are modern business solutions?

Modern Business Solutions (MBS) describes itself as a technology and application service provider specializing in data management and monetization services for data owners.

What is Special K spam list?

In mid to late 2015, a spam list known as the Special K Data Feed was discovered containing almost 31M identities. The data includes personal attributes such as names, physical and IP addresses, genders, birth dates and phone numbers. Read more about spam lists in HIBP.

What is Straffic breach?

The Israeli marketing firm Straffic accidentally exposed 49 million unique email addresses stored in an Elasticsearch database. The Israeli marketing firm Straffic exposed 49 million unique email addresses due to mishandled credentials for an Elasticsearch database.

What does River City media do?

Graphic Design/Animation. River City Media excels in creative visual solutions to help with any trial. PowerPoint presentations, timelines, charts, graphs and animations are some of the many design services we provide.

Have I Been Pwned is it legit?

Is Have I Been Pwned? legit? Yes, it is. To date, HIBP has been around for almost a decade, and through the years, it has only proven itself to be an essential tool for everyday internet users, governments, and organizations alike.

How do Facebook accounts get hacked?

The most common way that a Facebook account is compromised is by tricking you into giving the hackers your password. You may get a Messenger message from a friend on Facebook, saying something like OMG did you see who died? with a link.

Can Facebook be hacked?

Facebook has been widely criticised for its security and privacy. The social network has been hacked multiple times, and its reputation has never fully recovered from the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018.

Is Facebook safe in 2021?

Although the data is 2 years old, the 2021 Facebook data breach is an extremely serious matter, since the leaked data is still valuable to cybercriminals who use people’s personal information to impersonate them or scam them into handing over login credentials.

Does Facebook sell your data?

No, we don’t sell your information. Instead, based on the information we have, advertisers and other partners pay us to show you personalized ads on the Facebook family of apps and technologies. Keep in mind: We can show you ads without telling advertisers who you are.

Did LinkedIn have a data breach?

A collection containing data about more than 700 million users, believed to have been scraped from LinkedIn, was leaked online this week after hackers previously tried to sell it earlier this year in June.

Why did the Facebook breach happen?

The data breach is believed to relate to a vulnerability which Facebook reportedly fixed in August of 2019. While the exact source of the data can’t be verified, it was likely acquired through the misuse of legitimate functions in the Facebook systems.

How many Facebook accounts are hacked each day?

A: Facebook has about 2.89 billion users, and it’s been estimated that about 160,000 accounts are hacked every day.

What is Apollo IO used for? platform Overview

It is primarily a sales and engagement platform helping companies obtain data, target and prospect customers, engage more and grow business using data intelligence, and automate workflows. Key product modules comprises data, workflows, intelligence and platform.

How do I delete my Apollo account?

How to Remove Yourself from
  1. First, you need to find your listing on the website this can typically only be done via Google Search. …
  2. Click on the link to your profile, and copy the URL of your profile page.
  3. Go to their opt-out page,

What is Apollo privacy?

Apollo and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Apollo does not sell or rent your data, and anonymous information is only collected to help make the app better. If you want a privacy-first app for Reddit, Apollo is a very safe bet.

What is an onliner spambot?

Spambots start by using an existing database of servers from previous data breaches. They double-check that the email accounts are active. The spambot then takes over these accounts and sends out emails.

What is sensitive source?

Sensitive data is any information that is meant to be protected from unauthorized access. Sensitive data can include anything from personally identifiable information (PII), such as Social Security numbers, to banking information, to login credentials.

Is a data leak serious?

Data leakage, also known as low and slow data theft, is a huge problem for data security, and the damage caused to any organization, regardless of size or industry, can be serious.

What is a known data leak on iPhone?

Tap on “Security Recommendations.” Your iPhone or iPad will list the accounts that have been compromised and have passwords appear in a known data leak.

What is the biggest data breach in history?

Data breached: 3 billion user accounts

According to data breach statistics, the largest data breach in history is the one that Yahoo! suffered for several years. Not only is it the biggest breach according to the number of affected users, but it also feels like the most massive one because of all the headlines.

Should I delete my email if it was hacked?

If you have been hacked several times and your email provider isn’t mitigating the amount of spam you are receiving, then consider starting afresh but don’t delete your email address! Many experts do warn against deleting email accounts as most email providers will recycle your old email address.

Can someone read my emails without me knowing?

Unless the mail administrators have taken the effor to publish your last login list somewhere, the only way you’ll know is if mails get their read/unread status changes, or mail moves mysteriously. Google does in fact publish the last few IP addresses that logged into the account. Its at the bottom of the page.

Can someone hack my bank account with my email address?

Your email also may contain a wealth of information about your bank account, credit cards, and other financial accounts. A hacked email can put you and your email contacts at risk for identity theft and bank account or credit card fraud.

What are sensitive breaches?

These breaches are classed as “sensitive” and may not be publicly searched. A sensitive data breach can only be searched by the verified owner of the email address being searched for. This is done via the notification system which involves sending a verification email to the address with a unique link.

What is Bitdefender account privacy?

Bitdefender Account Privacy detects if any data leakage has occurred in the accounts you use for making online payments, shopping, or signing in to different apps or websites.

What is credential surfing?

Credential stuffing is a cyberattack method in which attackers use lists of compromised user credentials to breach into a system. The attack uses bots for automation and scale and is based on the assumption that many users reuse usernames and passwords across multiple services.