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Gouldian Finch Facts

What is special about Gouldian finches?

The standard Gouldian finch is a bird that comes in three different facial varieties. Approximately 70% to 80% have black-colored faces. Another 20% to 30% have red-colored faces. The yellow-colored Gouldian finches are the rarest of all.

How long do Gouldian finches live?

They are lovely to watch, but not to hold. If properly cared for, these birds are reported to live for more than 4 to 6 years.

Do Gouldian finches make good pets?

Gouldian finches are splendid pet birds but made to be admired, not handled. They are generally not hand raised and will not withstand taming efforts well. In addition, their life expectancy is unfortunately short: even if they are adequately cared for, these birds rarely live more than six years.

Do Gouldian finches talk?

Speech and Vocalizations

Gouldian finches are relatively quiet birds and their low, chirping vocalization is pleasant to the ear. Gouldian finches are not known to mimic human speech.

How often do Gouldian finches lay eggs?

The eggs emerge approximately once every 24 hours. Active brooding begins after the third egg is laid. Hatching will begin approximately 15 to 18 days after breeding begins. Gouldians may also wait until the very last egg is laid to start incubation.

Are Gouldian finches easy to care for?

These birds are not the hardiest birds and are susceptible to cold and stress. So a good diet, protection from strong winds and some basic medication these birds can be kept and bred with success by even beginners as long as the correct precautions are taken.

Do Gouldian finches need toys?

Now, although pet finches do not need toys in the same way that members of the parrot family do, they still enjoy the stimulation from playing with items in their cages. There are many toys available in pet shops, but lots of these toys can simply be made at home.

Do Gouldian finches need heat?

Although in the wild the Gouldian finch is used to much higher temperatures, this would be rather costly to maintain and not mention no very comfortable when you go to spend time with your birds. I have found keeping the temperature between 21oc to 25oc to suit both my birds and myself very well.

Why are Gouldian finch endangered?

Studies in Wyndham and at Mornington Station have concluded that inappropriate fire regimes, cattle grazing and feral predators (most notably the cat) are the main reasons that Gouldian finches have become endangered.

Will Gouldian finches breed in cage?

Placing a small amount of nesting material (dry grass) in the Gouldian nest box and in the cage for them to use will entice them to get going on nesting. Some will tear the newspaper on the bottom of the cage and take it in the nest box. Gouldians are notoriously bad nest builders. Some don’t build a nest at all.

What birds can live with Gouldian finches?

Compatible Parrot Species

Parrots in the Neophema genus are most commonly housed with finches. These include the Scarlet-chested parrot, Turquoise parrot, Elegant parrot, rock parrot, Blue-winged parrots; plus the closely related Bourke’s parrot.

What eats the Gouldian Finch?

Other threats include, human introduced, grazing animals such as cattle, sheep, feral camels and rabbits which eat and destroy grasses that the gouldian finch is so dependent on for food.

What is a Gouldian finch life cycle?

Gouldian Finches can live to more than 5 years of age in the wild, but mortality rates are high in the first year due to these threats. In the past, many birds were captured for the aviary trade although this was banned in the 1980’s.

What is the scientific name for the Gouldian Finch?

Is the Gouldian Finch endangered?

How many finches can you put in a cage?

You should keep more than one finch.

They always need to be kept as two or more as they are very social. Just because you should have more than one doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have all the same species.

How long does it take for Gouldian finches to fledge?

After mating, a female lays a clutch of about 48 eggs. Both parents help brood the eggs during the daytime, and the female stays on the eggs at night. When the eggs hatch, both parents help care for the young. Gouldian Finches leave the nest at between 19 and 23 days and are independent at 40 days old.

How many clutches do Gouldian finches have?

How many broods should my Gouldian have in one breeding season? In the wild Gouldian Finches restrict their nestings to two broods a season.

How do you look after Gouldian finches?

Important tips Keeping finches Healthy
  1. Worm every 3 months for outdoor birds and every 6 months for indoor birds,
  2. Spray birds, nests and living quarters with mite and lice spray every 3 months.
  3. medicate your birds with sulfa 3 or sulfadim every 2 months for 3 days.

At what age do Gouldian finches breed?

The more you leave your birds alone the better results you will BOTH have! We have found the most productive years for most Gouldian finches breeding are from the ages of 1 to 4 years old. After most Gouldians reach the age of 4 their hatch success ratio starts to decline.

How much are Gouldian finches?

Name – Gouldian Finches $65/pair.

Do finches need Cuttlebone?

Besides being an important dietary supplement, cuttlebone has a rough texture, making it an ideal tool to help support beak strength. Birds can use cuttlebones to help keep their beaks trimmed and sharp. Even finches and canaries will often improve their beak health if you provide them with cuttlebone.

Do finches need a bird bath?

Canaries and Finches both like to keep themselves clean. In the wild they will usually go for a dust bath or a puddle to do this cleaning. In captivity, a bath is always preferred. You can buy special made bird baths in pet stores, though most of the time a simple dish of water will be just as good.

Do finches need sunlight?

Your finch relies on sunlight. It’s crucial you provide your finch with constant access to the sun’s rays. If the cage is positioned in direct sunlight, however, make sure there is a shady spot for your bird to cool down in if needed.

Are finches cold hardy?

Finches do not do very well in a cold climate, especially the waxbills and the gouldians. They come from a very dry and warm climate, so if they are not properly adjusted to their current climate, they may not survive. The change of weather plus a brisk wind is enough to send them into shock.

Can you keep Gouldian finches with canaries?

Finches will not be happy or healthy if kept alone. The one species that can be kept alone is the Canary. All other species of Finch will need to be kept in at least pairs.

How cold can Gouldian finches live?

Gouldian finches should be kept at a temperature of approximately 70 degrees fahrenheit or more with a humidity level at or above 50 percent. Cold or drafty locations should be avoided.

Who discovered the Gouldian Finch?

When Sarah Legge arrived in the Central Kimberley ten years ago as chief scientist for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy at the Mornington-Marion Downs sanctuary, she realised the gaudy Gouldian finch needed to be a research priority.

Where is the Gouldian finch found?

The Gouldian Finch is patchily distributed in tropical northern sub-coastal areas from Derby, Western Australia, to the Gulf of Carpentaria and thinly to central Cape York Peninsula, but is locally common in the north and north-western parts of its range.

How do Gouldian Finches survive?

In the dry season they are dependent on fire to burn the undergrowth so that they can find seeds on the ground. In the wet season they prefer to live in areas which have been burned in the previous dry season. This produces lush new growth with plenty of seeds for food.

How do you breed a blue Gouldian?

Breeding Blue Gouldian Finch

Most breeders recommend pairing a blue bird with a split to blue bird to produce blue young. Two visibly blue birds should not be paired to avoid further weakening the blue Gouldian gene pool.

Do finches sit on their eggs at night?

If these eggs are viable, they will continue to sit on them. If not, that may be why they are not sitting on them. I would leave everything alone and see how it turns out. If you are sure that they are not sitting on their eggs at night, then it looks like your finches have abandoned eggs.

How do you make a Gouldian finch nest box?

Can you mix finches in a cage?

If finches are provided with the proper habitat, different species of finches can live together. When it comes to inhabiting the same enclosure, some finches are more compatible than others.

Do finches crossbreed?

The simple answer is no, they can’t. Most of them simply won’t, because they won’t be sexually attracted to each other. This might be comparable to how humans probably can mate with chimpanzees, but we won’t.

Can Gouldian Finches live with budgies?

To house both parakeets and finches together, the aviary should be at least 10 square feet wide, and provide plenty of perches for the gregarious finches to rest on. There must be a lot of room for the finches to be able to get away from the more aggressive budgies.

What colours are Gouldian finches?

There are three basic head colours in the Gouldian. These are Black, Red and Yellow. Ideally the various head colours should not be indiscriminately bred together. By doing so a number of motley blackish red or blackish yellow headed birds are produced.

How can you tell a male from a female Gouldian Finch?

How many Gouldian finches are left in the world?

About the Gouldian finch

Sparsely distributed across northern Australia between the Kimberley and north-central Queensland, the Gouldian finch was historically observed in flocks of thousands, its total population is now estimated at less than 2500.

Why are Gouldian finches colorful?

In Gouldian finches, scientists have found that color morphs are linked to distinct behavioral characteristics, mate selection, and reproductive success, so the variations are clearly more than coincidence or luck of the genetic draw.

What is Gouldian Finch habitat?

Gouldian finches live in savanna woodlands where they nest in the hollows of smooth-barked eucalypts. The largest known breeding population lives north of Katherine in the Northern Territory. This population utilises different habitat types at different times of the year.

How do Gouldian finches move?

Seasonal movements: Outside the breeding season the Gouldian Finch is partly migratory. Birds move in quite large flocks to more coastal areas and return back inland to breed when the rainy season arrives.

Is the Gouldian finch a mammal?

Gouldian Finches are Australia’s most spectacularly coloured grassfinches, and are perhaps the most spectacularly coloured of all Australian birds. They are small birds, with a bright green back, yellow belly and a purple breast. The facial colour is usually black, and is found in about 75% of the birds.

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