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Eastern Bluebird Facts

Is the eastern bluebird rare?

Their overall range extends throughout eastern North America, including southern Canada and central Mexico. These bluebirds are rare but regularly seen in western Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, western Nebraska and western Kansas.

Where do bluebirds sleep at night?

Where do bluebirds sleep at night? Sleeping places include pastures, orchards, parks, and meadows. Eastern Bluebirds will build nests in tree cavities to protect their young, in a behavior similar to that of woodpeckers. Bluebirds will sometimes construct their nests within abandoned woodpecker holes of trees.

How long do eastern bluebirds live?


Eastern bluebirds can live up to 6 to 10 years. The oldest known wild individual lived 10 years and 5 months. However, most mortality occurs in the first year of life, making average lifespans much shorter than this.

What is special about a bluebird?

A bluebird can spot caterpillars and insects in tall grass at the remarkable distance of over 50 yards. Bluebird females of all species have duller plumage than males; this may reduce their visibility to predators. Bluebirds have no blue pigments in their feathers.

What attracts bluebirds to your yard?

In winter, bluebirds add berries and other fruit to their diet, so planting trees and shrubs native to your area is a natural way to attract them. Junipers, dogwoods, sumacs, hollies, serviceberries and elderberries are good choices. Just add water.

Where do bluebirds go in the winter?

Bluebirds leave breeding grounds in the north of their range to winter in the southeastern U.S. or Mexico. Populations in the northern part of their range are entirely migratory, spending winters in the southeastern United States or Mexico. Some fly as far as 2,000 miles between western Manitoba and Texas.

Do bluebirds mate for life?

Most Bluebirds (95%) mate for life and mated pairs can stay together for as long as they survive. In the event of the death or disappearance of the male or female, the remaining bird replaces it with a new mate.

What do bluebirds feed their babies?

Babies need a lot of food because they grow quickly. Both the mother and father bluebird help feed them, bringing insects (like spiders, caterpillars, grasshoppers, mealworms, and beetles) and sometimes berries about every 15-20 minutes.

What month do bluebirds build nests?

Bluebirds begin scouting out nest boxes as early as late February, or even earlier in the south. If conditions are favorable, they sometimes continue nesting into August or even September.

What is a group of bluebirds called?

February 24, 2015 at 8:42 PM What’s a group of bluebirds called? A flock. Let’s admire this flock of #beautiful #bluebirds.

What does it mean when you see 2 blue birds?

The bluebird is a symbol of hope, love, and renewal and is also a part of many Native American legends. It symbolizes the essence of life and beauty. Dreaming of bluebirds often represents happiness, joy, fulfillment, hope, prosperity, and good luck.

What animal eats a bluebird?

Snakes, cats, black bears, raccoons, and other birds such as house sparrows hunt adult and baby eastern bluebirds.

How many eggs do Eastern Bluebirds lay?

Bluebird nests usually contain four to five eggs. Clutch sizes range from three to seven. The number of eggs in a clutch is often related to the age of the bird laying them.

What does a male bluebird look like?

Measurements. Male Eastern Bluebirds are vivid, deep blue above and rusty or brick-red on the throat and breast. Blue in birds always depends on the light, and males often look plain gray-brown from a distance. Females are grayish above with bluish wings and tail, and a subdued orange-brown breast.

Does the male bluebird feed the babies?

The male bluebird is very active in feeding and caring for the nestlings. Also, previous broods have been known to help a single parent to raise a brood.

Are bluebirds friendly?

Bluebirds are friendly. They seem to almost enjoy human company. They display no fear of nesting near human habitation. They tolerate monitoring of their nests as we peek in to see their fuzzy-headed hatchlings.

Which way should a bluebird house face?

The house should face south or southeast. Selecting a suitable location for the bluebird house is of house. They should be set out by February 15.

What color should a bluebird house be?

Bluebirds prefer earthy tones, such as the colors of grass and dirt. For this reason, shades of brown and green are good choices. Bright colors attract other birds and predators, which is detrimental to bluebirds.

Where do bluebirds go after fledging?

After fledging, what do baby bluebirds do, and where do they go? After leaving the nest, they remain in hiding for about a week. The parents continue to feed them there. Baby bluebirds tend to get closer together as they gain strength.

Will bluebirds eat dried mealworms?

Bluebirds prefer living, juicy mealworms to their dried counterparts. Pro Tip: To initially attract bluebirds to your backyard feeders, you may need to use a mix of live AND dried mealworms. Eating a live mealworm is much more natural for a bluebird, and they might have to be trained to eat the dried ones.

Will bluebirds eat sunflower seeds?

It is important to note that bluebirds won’t usually eat the most common foods offered to backyard birds, such as whole sunflower seeds, millet, and mixed birdseed. While bluebirds will sample sunflower chips when they are easily available and no other foods are abundant, these birds don’t typically eat seed.

Do female bluebirds sing?

Unlike their male counterparts, female Eastern bluebirds do not typically sing. However, the results of a study performed by Morton et al. (1978) suggest that females demonstrate song capabilities in stressful situations, such as when a predator is present, or when the male is absent from the territory.

Why does the male bluebird feed the female?

Male bluebirds do not incubate eggs or brood young, but they do feed and protect young, and bring food to the female while she is incubating/brooding, so she can keep the eggs/young warm (especially important during wet or cold weather as very young nestlings can not regulate their own temperature) and protect them.

How do bluebirds survive the winter?

In cold weather, they usually sleep in tree cavities or other holes, so they may have been using your nesting boxes to roost in at night.

How can you tell if a baby bluebird is male or female?

Males have bright blue feathers; females have white edging on outer tail feathers.

Do bluebirds have more than one mate?

3) Bluebirds are generally monogamous, staying together throughout the breeding season, and may breed together for more than one season. However, some birds may switch mates during a breeding season to raise a second brood.

Does the male or female bluebird build the nest?

After a male Eastern Bluebird has attracted a female to his nest site (by carrying material in and out of the hole, perching, and fluttering his wings), the female does all the nest building.

What can you feed bluebirds?

Bluebirds will eat the following offerings at feeders: Mealworms, suet dough, fruit, and sunflower bits. They will also consume eggshell bits during spring and summer when the females especially need extra calcium for egg production.

How far apart are bluebird houses?

When paired, boxes should be mounted 5 to 15 feet apart. This provides nesting sites for both species and helps to prevent competition between them. Different species of native birds usually do not mind nesting close to each other.

Do bluebirds come back to the same nest every year?

According to two different studies, 26% 44% of adult bluebirds return to breed at the same site where they nested the previous year. Therefore, there is about a one in three chance that the bluebirds you have in your nest box this year will return to the same box the following year.

What do you call a group of woodpeckers?

A group of Woodpeckers hanging together is known as a descent. This makes sense because most Woodpeckers start at the top of trees and then continue to work their way down. If you see a group of Wrens together, then you are witnessing a herd or chime of Wrens.

What do you call a group of pheasants?

Pheasants: nye, bevy, bouquet, covey.

What is a flock of woodpeckers called?

woodpeckers – a gatling of woodpeckers.

What do bluebirds mean in the Bible?

The meaning of a bluebird, like a bible itself, is many-layered. The spiritual importance of a bluebird is undeniable and powerful. Most believe it to be the messenger sent from the spiritual realm.

What does a female bluebird look like?

Females are gray-buff with a pale orange wash on the breast and blue tints to the wings and tail. The throat is blue in males and gray-buff in females, and the lower belly is whitish. These birds are highly social, and usually feed in flocks during the non-breeding season.

What does a blue jay at your window mean?

The most common meaning behind a Blue Jay’s visit is that you’re a loyal, trustworthy person. This can serve as a great reminder in moments of self doubt, and will help you with making some tough decisions that you may be dealing with.

Do squirrels bother bluebird nests?

Raccoons and Red Squirrels

Raccoons present a danger to cavity nesting birds. They are intelligent and are good climbers; they can reach into a nest box hole and remove its contents. Red squirrels can enlarge the hole of the bluebird house and even take up residence if able to get inside.

Do squirrels eat bluebird babies?

Ordinarily, though, squirrels do not kill nor harm birds. Their prey species, however, eat newborn birds, baby bunnies, and eggs if there is no food available in their habitat. It isn’t common for mice or owls to attack full-grown birds. Squirrels know that you can survive outside without much help from other species.

Do bluebirds still exist?

Bluebirds are considered fairly common, but their numbers have declined substantially during the last century. Populations have been given a boost by the birdhouse boxes that have become popular in many parks and backyards.

What time of day do bluebirds feed?

Another meal worm feeding tip is to “train” the birds to find the meal worms in the same place, at the same time every day. The Bluebirds will figure this out quickly, and be waiting for you each day when you bring the worms out. Our experience has shown that early morning is the best time.

Should you clean out bluebird houses?

Nest boxes should be cleaned out each year. You will greatly increase the chance of bluebirds (and other desirable species) nesting in your box if it is cleaned annually; this is why our box design comes with a pivoting door.

Do bluebirds leave their eggs unattended?

It’s important to remember that bluebirds are very accepting of human interaction and will never abandon a nest because of monitoring. However, it’s usually best to monitor a nest when the adult male and female are not inside.

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