Coconut Oil and Dementia

Coconut Oil and Dementia

How does coconut oil affect cognitive performance in Alzheimer patients?

How does coconut oil improve memory? Coconut oil improves memory by supporting the health of the neurons in your brain. It provides energy to neurons so they can function. Coconut oil also helps protect neurons by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

What does coconut oil do for the brain?

The MCTs in coconut oil break down into ketones, which can be used by brain cells for fuel. The idea is that supplying the brain with some extra fuel might make it run better. Under normal circumstances, brain cells use glucose for energy. But because your brain is so important to your survival, there’s a back-up plan.

Does coconut oil help with brain fog?

Scientists have proven through testing that Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), present in coconut oil, can improve memory for Alzheimer patients. In a 2004 study, elderly subjects took either MCT oil or a placebo at random.

How can you reverse dementia naturally?

From that perspective, these 8 strategies help many of my patients reverse or prevent dementia.
  1. Balance your blood sugar with a whole-foods, low-glycemic diet. …
  2. Eat healthy fats that make your brain happy. …
  3. Exercise daily. …
  4. Supplement wisely. …
  5. Check your thyroid and sex hormone levels.
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